More than 60 years of expertise in production of pharmaceutical and chemical substances


  1. Research & Development

    All our products have been internally developed in a creative and tailored fashion to achieve rationality in all production aspects – operator safety, environmental safety, production flexibility, quality control, and cost effectiveness. And now you can schedule a custom synthesis with our team of experienced professionals!

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  2. API outsourcing & distribution

    We are all in one service for your API, excipient or controlled substance outsourcing needs: supplier qualification and auditing, logistic route optimization, GMP warehouse, quality control of imported goods and modern financial arrangements. Contact us to request our custom solution just for you!

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  3. Quality control

    We offer quality control in the GMP facilities. Your required analytical testing can be performed on a wide range of chemical substances including controlled substances.

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  4. Regulatory Affairs

    We have over a decade of experience in quality management system and regulatory guideline implementation and control on a cost effective basis. Our team can assist your production facilities with:

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  5. Re-packaging

    We offer re-packaging in the GMP facilities. We can re-pack bulk products to smaller sample size as per your request ensuring cross-contamination risk management according to ICH Q9.

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Our Production Facility Certificates

  • API manufacturing licence

    Issued by State Agency of Medicine

  • GMP certificate

    Issued by State Agency of Medicine

  • Registration licence

    Issued by State Agency of Medicine

  • Permit for controlled substances

    Issued by State Agency of Medicine

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